We're On Pandora!

We’re really excited to announce that our album “The Open Road” and the “Witchy Woman” single are now on Pandora! Now, you might be asking yourself - why this is such a big deal?

Well, for one, Pandora is a curated music service. That means that a bunch of folks at Pandora have to listen to the music that is submitted before it gets accepted on their platform. Frankly, we thought that was just a marketing tactic until we attended the DIY Musician Conference in Nashville this August.  There was an entire Q&A session involving artists whose music had been rejected by Pandora, asking how they could be reconsidered (spoiler alert: they can’t). That really put things in perspective for us.

Another reason we’re so stoked about this is that it gives us a chance to speak directly to our fans all over the world (and yes, with Pandora, we now have fans listening to our music all over the world), with tools like audio messages that play before or after our songs are played. We’re rolling out the audio messages now, including some behind-the-scenes comments about the songs from The Open Road. We’ll be sharing these messages with you on our social media platforms.

Then there’s the fact that Pandora has the ability to predict the music we’ll like based on what we’re already listening to, and then play similar songs that we’ve never heard before. Since all of us stay pretty busy, we don’t always have time to pick and choose what we’re going to listen to (especially when we’re driving). Pandora does a pretty good job of playing stuff we already like and introducing us to new music we didn’t know we liked! And every day, Pandora is introducing our music to people from all over the world that have never heard of us.

Finally, Pandora is available to everyone! There’s an ad-supported personalized radio tier for FREE, a $5 per month personalized radio tier (with no ads and more features), and a $9 per month tier that’s personalized radio plus on-demand music, with a catalog of music that’s comparable to Spotify’s.

So that’s why it’s such a big deal that we’re on Pandora. Or, to put it more succinctly, we think it’s a great music option for those of us out there on the open road!