This Is It! Tonight's the Night We're at House of Blues Houston!

Here's some "game-day" information to make sure things run smoothly for you.

  1. Be sure to sign up for day-of-show text notificationsso we can keep you updated about late-breaking news (like the time we were supposed to play August 26th and Harvey blew in instead. Hopefully there are no hurricanes on the horizon, but you never know.) You can sign up here.

  2. Get there early! Like last time, we are expecting a sold out show. Doors open at 7, but we expect lines to start forming around 6. We'll have someone outside monitoring the situation and texting live updates to those of you that signed up for day-of-show notifications.
  3. There are lots of restaurants in the area, including the Foundation Room and their restaurant. If you'd rather eat somewhere in the area, here's a handy link to some in the area.
  4. VIP tables are available. They're being listed for $200 for a four person table as of yesterday. These tables get you guaranteed seating in a prime location.
  5. Opening up the balcony seats is entirely at  the House of Blues' discretion.  We are hearing that balcony seats, should they become available, can be purchased at the box office for $15 each. Sign up for text updates (see #5) to get the latest.
  6. There are myriad parking options, or you can book your parking in advance using ParkWhiz.
  7. Finally, House of Blues Houston is located at 1204 Caroline Street, Houston, TX 77002.