Midnight run to llano

by Marty Comeaux

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There's a place I know
Where the wild things grow
And life there is so simple and complete

And the town moves slow
How could it know
That once I left, the world was at my feet

And I'm looking for that place I knew before
'Cause this just ain't my kind of town no more

So I hit that road
And made my way through the world
Had it better than my daddy did before

But for everything I built, and all I saved
The city lights and noise ain't what I crave

And I'm on my way to Llano
With a picture in my hand
The red moon leads me to the promised land

I'll play where you want me to
Meet me if you can
For a midnight run to Llano

It rained us out in Austin
Spent nights in San Antone
Walking down that river, all alone

Did our last show in New Braunfels
Now I'm tired and going home

Take me back to Llano
Hell I'm going to Llano
On a midnight run to Llano
Won't you come along
You'll be right at home

So saddle up your mustangs now
Forget about your sins
It's to a time and place where we left off
We'll ride like the wind

Blowing back to Llano...

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